Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ Information

Our Mission to Wheelchair Users Worldwide

Rehabilitation and Fitness Solutions (Wheelchair Fitness Solution™) is a manufacturer of quality fitness equipment and is committed to creating a unique home fitness system for the disabled individual.

Miki Erez, Creator of Wheelchair Fitness Solution™

Miki Erez, Creator

Miki is a veteran of the Israeli Air Force, In 1973, while serving in a heavy lift helicopter squadron Erez was injured which confined him to a wheelchair. MIki is an active member of the SCI community and attends support groups with the Veterans Administration and the private community. As the creator of the Wheelchair Fitness Solution and the co-founder of Rehabilitation and Fitness Solutions, Miki serves as its ambassador and visionary.

Email:   Miki@www.wheelchairfitnesssolution.com

Phone: 305-431-9299

Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ Company History

After 13 years of intensive research and development, the team is now prepared to introduce this unique machine to the marketplace. Wheelchair Fitness Solution is a revolutionary universal home training system created for wheelchair users – truly the first of its kind. Request More Info