Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ Features

The Complete Training System for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ training system was designed for wheelchair users as a complete exercise system, offering over 30 unique exercises. The system offers unprecedented safety, stability and independence for persons with disabilities who are looking for a way to stay active, train nearly any part of the body and rehabilitate without the hassle of going to a traditional gym.

Featuring a central, stackable weight unit, various extensions allow you to train your full upper body securely from your wheelchair. The patented harness anchors you to the ramp for maximum resistance and a complete gym quality workout. Quick release clips make it easy to move between exercises and complete an entire workout on one remarkable machine.

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Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ – Complete Training System Exercises

Multiple traditional training and rehabilitative exercises can be achieved on the Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ Training System. Just a few are listed below:

Pulley System
Weight up to 200 lbs
Safety & Stability
Quick-release harness clips for easy transition between exercises
Punching Bag
Practice self-defense and get a cardio workout at the same time
Hand Pedaling
Complete upper-body cardio workout with adjustable resistance
Chin-up Bar
Multiple positions allow you to adjust for optimal height
Parallel Bars
Build arm strength, stretch and rehabilitate your lower body
And many more!
Various other exercises are achievable with our system (see below)
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Other Training and Rehabilitation Exercises for Wheelchair Users

The Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ Training System offers wheelchair users other traditional training and rehabilitative exercises for various body parts. A few of them are listed below:

Triceps, Biceps & Forearms
Military Press, Reverse Crossover Fly, Shoulder Raises
Chest Press, Chest Fly, One-arm Fly
Wide Pull-down, Lower Back Extensions
Pull Down Crunches, Forward and Backward, and many more!
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