Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ Testimonials

What are people saying about The Complete Training System for Wheelchair Users?

“Finally, an all-in-one gym for disabled persons that captures all the important aspects of strength training and cardio. It is an easy to use cable system that allows a person to train muscles from all angles and positions. It includes a punching bag and arm pedals for aerobic fitness. There is a built-in safety harness system allowing maximum safety to a wheelchair bound person while training.”

By Brad Herskowitz, MD, Board Certified in Neurology (Miami, FL)

“It is a masterful device that fits into the home, is affordable, and will without a doubt complement the most meaningful road to recovery and wellness never before considered in the disabled population.”

By Ronald Tolchin, D.O., Fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (FAAAPMR)

“This device was designed in a way that a disabled person can use it safely without the need of any assistance. There is no limitation to the potentials that may be achieved.”

By Dr. Allan N. Fields, Rehab Physician

“Upon seeing the equipment for the first time I was immediately impressed with the ease of access and the ample space for maneuverability of a wheelchair within the equipment.”

By Richard Lopez, Ed. D. Professor of Exercise Physiology (retired)

“The machine can be used independently without requiring the assistance of a second person. Furthermore, its dimensions are practical for both institutional and home use.”

By Paul Ramos, Physical Therapist

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